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How to Use Coconut Powder in the Garden (And Why You Absolutely Should)

Learn how to use coconut powder to improve nutrient uptake, increase plant vigor, reduce shock and provide added nutritional support both to the plant and to the soil food web.

Coconut powder is an excellent organic addition
Coconut powder is a staple in our garden toolbox because of all the amazing plant benefits it provides. Like Aloe Vera, coconut has been studied and proven to be a worthwhile addition in organic gardening.


How Much Coconut Powder to Use

Use one teaspoon of our coconut powder per gallon of non-chlorinated water.

Coconut powder is mixed at 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for horticultural use

How to Mix Your Coconut Powder

Our coconut powder is water-soluble and can be added directly to your sprayer as long as you can shake or agitate it.


When To Use Coconut Powder


Coconut contains Gibberellic acid which helps boost seed germination.

Root Drenches:

We recommend adding coconut to your water once every other watering to get the full effect. Can be added or alternated with aloe vera powder.

Foliar Applications:

Since coconut contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, it can be mixed at the same dilution and applied foliar at lights out for added uptake.

Why Use Coconut Powder

  • 1. Increases nutrient availability and enhances plant uptake. A study was conducted on mung beans and showed that both number of pods and yield were increased.

    2. Contains cytokinin hormones which have been studied and shown to promote division of cells which triggers plants to grow shoots and roots. See this study.

    3. Contains Gibberellic acid, which helps boost seed germination and increases the speed of root development. See this study.

    4. Contains calcium, magnesium and other minerals which provide additional nutrients and boost to growth.

    5. Provides nutritional support to good organisms and bacteria which are vital in the development and growth of plants.

    6. Reduces plant shock when transplanting.

    7. Can be used as a rooting hormone.


How Often to Use Coconut Powder

During Veg Period - Coconut can and should be used throughout the vegetative period of growth either every other watering, or alternating with aloe vera.

During Flower Period - We recommend starting to alternate coconut powder during the transition and flower period with aloe. What we mean is every other water use coconut powder, and every other water use aloe.

Coconut Powder: The Garden Must Have

At the end of the day, we are all looking for ways to provide our plants with the best inputs to get it to the finish line. Aloe is that tool because it provides your plant the building blocks for vigorous growth and better nutrient uptake. Healthier Plants = Better Quality

Looking for another essential product for your tool kit? Try horticultural aloe powder in rotation with your coconut powder to give your plants amazing health benefits. Read more about it here.

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