• Mark - Owner

    Mark is a stay-home dad with two kids who help out with the business. When he isn't working, he is either outside with the kids or in the garden... or both.

  • Lyla - Bug Identification

    Lyla is 3 and a half and has found a keen interest in dirt and bugs. She is our bug scout and loves to learn about the different types. Her current favorite bug is a centipede.

  • Baby Mark - Microbe Taste Testing

    Baby Mark is 2 and is nothing short of a dirt aficionado. Whether it be sipping puddles at the park, eating dirt in the woods or just a simple dusting of sand in the mouth, Baby Mark is there.

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How To Breed Rove Beetles - Bryan and Marco (FCP)

Interview with Bryan and Marco (FCP)

Interview with DP at Swap Meet Hream

About Us

MI Beneficials was created as a way to share thoughtful, meaningful, and natural gardening solutions with the grow community. We began regenerative gardening practices to improve the health of our local ecosystem, preserve nature, eat healthier and to save money. The unfortunate reality of organic gardening is that there are a host of products that are touted as essential for success which can be counter to cost savings.

Each product we carry is offered because of its amazing plant and soil health benefits and is priced without the fanciful up-charge. We package all our dry goods in compost-able packaging/labeling (Read more about it here) so when it's contents are gone you can pay it back to nature by tossing it in your yard waste or worm bin.


We have also developed a unique, amazing pest and nutrient cycling solution with our Living Soil Bio-Diversity Pack. The consortia of soil organisms included in these packs load your soil food web with decomposers and predatory arthropods and insects. Their efficacy against fungus gnats, soil stages of thrips and root aphids is equally as effective as their ability to breakdown organic matter into plant available nutrition. Since we propagate all of our own organisms, we are able to forward more reasonable pricing to our community of growers striving to be organic.