Welcome to our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section. Here you can find information on some of the common questions we get. If you don't see information you are looking for here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at mark@mibeneficials.com

Bio-Diversity Questions

What pests do your bio-diversity packs work against?

Our bio-diversity packs include Rove Beetles and Hypoapsis miles which are two predator species which offer protection against fungus gnats, root aphids, the soil stages of thrips and mealy bugs.

What pests do Rove Beetles (Dalotia coriaria) work against?

Rove beetles (Dalotia coriaria) offer protection against fungus gnats, root aphids, the soil stages of thrips and mealy bugs.

What species are included in my bio-diversity packs?

Dalotia coriaria (Rove Beetle), Hypoaspis miles (Stratiolaelaps scimitus), Oribatid mite (mold mites, moss mites, grain mites, Oligochaeta annelida (pot worms), Springtails, red wiggler worms and cocoons

There is funky stuff growing on top of my pack when it arrives, is that okay?

Absolutely! We propagate our insects in an non-sterile environment in propagation units designed to mimic the soil-food-web. We feed our soil-food-web organisms a fungal dominant diet of mainly our Beneboost. This diet along with the active biology in the bedding material creates the white fungus you see growing on top.

My Bio-Diversity pack doesn't appear to have any life moving on top, is this okay?

Our bio-diversity packs mimic a natural habitat for beneficial insects in the rhizosphere. When we pack and ship our packs, the organisms in these packs settle into this habitat and continue their life as they know it.

In addition, during the summer months, we generally ship with ice packs which can cause the beneficial insects to move slower temporarily until they are unboxed and acclimated to your environment.

When you receive your pack we recommend unpacking it and allowing them to acclimate. Using a glove or utensil, sift around in the substrate and check for movement

Do you offer returns on any beneficial insects?

We do not offer any returns on beneficial insects as the fragile nature of these organisms does not permit extensive transit. We do offer a guarantee on our overnight shipping option and will not need anything returned to us.

How many bio-diversity packs do I need for my grow?

We recommend using one of our bio-diversity packs per 6 sqft of bed space.

If you have an existing pest condition we recommend doubling that application for quicker results.

If you need further advice on how many packs you need for your grow please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

How fast will my pest issue subside?

We generally see pest issues reduce in about 2-4 weeks. This depends on many factors including the amount of beneficials applied and the severity of the pest issue. It also depends on your watering practices, environmental conditions and if you are using any dreaded oil based products or insect killers in your soil drench. We have a comprehensive guide to follow to help maximize impact.

Predatory hypoapsis miles take roughly 11 days for a single reproduction cycle and rove beetles take roughly 4 weeks. This means your populations won't start booming for that amount of time which is when you will see the impact of this product.

What do I do if my bugs arrive dead?

In the unusual event your bugs arrive completely lifeless or severely impacted by transit, we ask that you take a video poking around in the soil layer as we need video proof to file insurance claim.

The other reason this is prudent is because the insects in the bio-diversity packs tend to settle down into these packs. They replicate a natural environment, thus they do not hang on top like traditional beneficial insects.

What can I do to boost my rove beetle, hypoapsis mile and soil beneficial insect populations?

These soil beneficial thrive on fungal dominant amendments. We have developed a product called Beneboost which is a mix of Barley, Lentil, Corn, Wheat Bran and Oats to make an ideal food source to feed your beneficials. It also provides your plants with significant health benefits.

You certainly do not have to purchase from us, but we have found the Beneboost product to be the absolute best beneficial diet out there that won't draw in other bugs or have ill affect in your garden.

Shipping Questions

What days do you ship?

Bio-Diversity packs and Rove Beetles: It depends on the method of delivery as well as your location in relation to Michigan. Generally, with free standard shipping, we can only ship Mondays, Tuesdays and in some instances Wednesday unless you are located in the Midwest. We will ship as fast as possible so that we can ensure the best chance of keeping all biodiversity in tact.

All Other Items: We ship 6 days a week to ensure you get your package as soon as possible.

What is your handling time?

We try to get all orders out within 48 hours, but we pride ourselves on quick order fulfillment so we try to beat that.

What carriers do you use?

We use UPS, USPS and Fedex

What shipping options are there?

We offer a free Standard shipping option, an expedited 2-day option as well as a an overnight option.

We do everything we can to ensure all life comes in tact with our free shipping option. We are located in Michigan thus our free option does normally arrive to Midwest states within a day, outlying states within 2 days and far east/west states within 3-4 days. We require 2-day shipping if you live in CA, WA, or OR.

Our expedited 2-day is a safe alternative for quicker delivery. The cost for this option is $20.

Our overnight option is the safest and quickest bet. This option is $50

Will you provide tracking for my shipment?

Yes, every order gets a tracking number sent to the email address provided upon order fulfillment.

How do you package and ship insects during the warm months?

We use thermal insulation and ice packs as a means of keeping our bio-diversity packs as close to room temperature as possible during transit.

How do you package and ship insects during the cold months?

We use thermal insulation or normal packaging along with warmers to provide optimal temperature for the insects.

Amendment and Nutrient Questions

Are EarthCraft Biosystems' Nutrients Water Soluble?

Yes, They will not clog up any irrigation, fertigation or hand sprayers and are compatible across soil-less media. Check out the nutrients here

What is the purpose of using Horticultural Aloe?

Check out our guide on how to use aloe and why it is important. Check out the article here.

What is the purpose of using Horticultural Coconut?

Check out our guide on how to use coconut and why it is important. Check out the article here.

What is in Beneboost?

Beneboost contains 5 organic, non-gmo ingredients: Barley, Corn, Lentils, Oats and Wheat Bran.

What is the purpose of using Beneboost?

Check out our guide on how to use Beneboost and what amazing benefits it can bring both to your plants and your soil based organisms. Check out the article here.

What are Living Soil Probiotics?

Living Soil Probiotics is the name we use for our Effective Microorganisms.

Other Questions

How can I leave your company a review?

Reviews and testimonials are the most meaningful thing our customers can do for us. We greatly appreciate reviews both on our website as well as on Google.

The direct link for leaving a Google review

Do any stores carry your products?

Yes, The Craft Soil Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan carries our Bio-Diversity packs as well as our Beneboost.

The Craft Soil Company

5252 Portage Rd, B

Portage, MI 49002

How do I get the best deals on your products?

We announce all our sales on Instagram and via our mailing list.

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Do you ever do giveaways?

Yes we try to do giveaways seasonally and randomly! Stay tuned on our mailing list and on Instagram (@mibeneficials)