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Country Roots Ltd

Late Bloom Feed (FPJ)

Late Bloom Feed (FPJ)

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The Late Bloom Feed is yet another amazing product from our friends at Country Roots Ltd. We are proud to offer this high quality, consistent and small-batch crafted product from a family-run business here in the Midwest (Northern Michigan).

All the Country Roots Ltd Natural Farming products are produced using inputs grown on their closed-loop farm or foraged in the wild.

This product contains NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS therefore it is acceptable for veganic use.

What is Late Bloom Feed (FPJ)?

Late Bloom Feed (FPJ) is a fermented plant juice derived from over-ripened fruits like plantain, mango, peach, kiwi, pum, cherry, blue/black berry and banana.

This blend is rich in potassium, phosphates, micro-nutrients and the secondary metabolites (terpenoids, flavonoid, etc) needed to swell buds and enhance flavors. Use this tonic from week 5 flower until one week prior to harvest.


 As with most natural farming products, this product has not been evaluated by the USDA, are for gardening purposes only, and not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease.


Benefits of Late Bloom Feed (FPJ)

By giving your plants Late Bloom Feed (FPJ), you're providing your plants with essential macro and micro nutrients along with enzymes, microorganisms, natural plant sap and chlorophyll.

Apply to your plants from week 4 of flower until one week before harvest.

Directions for Use

Application Rate:

Foliar: 1:1000 with non-chlorinated water. Apply during low light (dawn or dusk) to avoid leaf burn.

Root Drench: 4-8ml/gallon with non-chlorinated water.


Store with cap on in a cool, dry area.


Shipping on all our non-living goods is free to the lower 48 United States.

Returns and Replacement

All amendments and nutrients are returnable within 14 business days, as long as the container is unopened and packaging is in the same condition as sent.

If your package is damaged during shipment, please document and send us pictures and notice to and we will make it right!

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