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Herbal Nutrients (OHN) - 10 Part

Herbal Nutrients (OHN) - 10 Part

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The Oriental Herbal Nutrients (OHN) that we carry is yet another amazing product by  Country Roots Ltd. We are proud to offer this high quality, consistent and small-batch crafted product from a family-run business here in the Midwest (Northern Michigan).

What Is Herbal Nutrients (OHN)?

Traditionally OHN is a 6-part mixture of ginger, turmeric, garlic, Angelica, Licorice and cinnamon which has been extracted using alcohol and fermented with brown sugar.

How Is 10-Part Herbal Nutrients (OHN) Different?

Using the original 6-part mixture, the 10-part adds Chicory, Hibiscus, Mugwort and Chaga extract to further enhance this amazing natural plant medicine.

Chicory, Hibiscus, Mugwort and Chaga all provide additional secondary metabolites to your plants like terpenoids, flavanoids, anthocyanins, amino acids and polysaccharides. All of these beneficial horticultural constituents lend themselves to enhance flavor profiles and plant ripening.



We encourage everyone to read more on the amazing product that is OHN and understand the time and resources it takes to make it. It is a time honored process that takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months to complete and is a true testament to time and preparation.

Learn more from this amazing publication and guide from the University of Hawaii on Oriental Herbal Nutrient: What it is and How to Make It

 As with most natural farming products, this product has not been evaluated by the USDA, are for gardening purposes only, and not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease.


Benefits of OHN

OHN is used in Natural Farming to discourage the growth of pathogenic, anaerobic microbes by promoting the growth of aerobic, beneficial microbes both in the soil and in the foliage of the plant.


When applied as a foliar, Oriental Herbal Nutrients (OHN) can enhance a plants natural defense, making them more resistant to pests and pathogens.

In conjunction with other Natural Farming inputs (like Fermented Plant Juice and Brown Rice Vinegar), it can be applied to make plants more resistant to Powdery Mildew.

We have found OHN helps us reduce the need for other foliar sprays that can be more damaging to beneficial members of the ecosystem.

Root Drench:

OHN provides essential micro-nutrients to your soil microorganisms which may help your plant optimize their resilience to environmental stresses.

Directions for Use

Application Rate:

Foliar: 1:1000 with non-chlorinated water. Apply during low light (dawn or dusk) to avoid leaf burn.

Root Drench: 2-8ml/gallon with non-chlorinated water.

NOTE: When you store OHN for more than 6 months, it is recommended that you weaken the dilution to 1:1500


Store with cap on in a cool, dry area.


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Returns and Replacement

All amendments and nutrients are returnable within 14 business days, as long as the container is unopened and packaging is in the same condition as sent.

If your package is damaged during shipment, please document and send us pictures and notice to and we will make it right!

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