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Earthcraft BioSystems

Organic Nutrient Starter Pack (Earthcraft Biosystems)

Organic Nutrient Starter Pack (Earthcraft Biosystems)

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Experience Earthcraft Biosystem’s entire product lineup and unlock your plants’ full potential! This starter pack covers 50sqft of canopy and is a the full package for high-quality, organic outputs.

Compatibility with Beneficial Insects:

The carefully selected blend of water-soluble, organic ingredients that make up the Earthcraft BioSystems line make it harmless against your beneficial insects, yet effective in their intended uses.

Product Versatility:

The organic, bio-available nutrients are an excellent addition to any no-till garden to fill the gaps when your soil biology may not be able to keep up with your plants demands. The exceptional cost value of these nutrients perfectly aligns with the economical approach of regenerative agriculture.

The soluble powder is compatible in any irrigation or fertigation systems without clogs and it can be used in any soil or soil-less growing mediums such as coco coir, peat and even rockwool.

Small Bundle Includes:

1lb Growth Formula SP ($35)
2lbs Flower Formula SP ($35)
1/4lb Caliceous SP (Cal Mag Powder) ($12)
1/4lb Seacraft SP ($17)
1/4lb Rhizocraft SP (Micbrobial Inoculant) ($35)
32oz Terrestrial (Fulvic Acid) ($35)
8oz Caliceous liquid (Cal Mag) ($14.45)
8oz Siliceous ($50)
8oz Regenerator (Quillaja/Yucca) ($32.50)
8oz Clearzyme ($15)

($280 value!)

Medium Bundle Includes:

2lbs Growth Formula SP
5lbs Flower Formula SP
1/2lb Caliceous SP
1/2lb Seacraft SP
1/2lb Rhizocraft SP
2qt Terrestrial
1pt Caliceous
1pt Siliceous
1pt Regenerator
1pt Clearzyme

Commercial Pricing:

We do commercial pricing! If you're interested in discussing further and getting some commercial pricing, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at


We recommend storing all dry amendments and nutrients in a dry, cool location away from direct sun.


Shipping on all our non-living goods is free to the lower 48 United States.

Returns and Replacement

All dry amendments and nutrients are returnable within 14 business days, as long as the container is unopened and packaging is in the same condition as sent.

If your package is damaged during shipment, please document and send us pictures and notice to and we will make it right!

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Earthcraft Biosystems and MI Beneficials products go together very well

Friends with Benefits

The Earthcraft Biosystems nutrient line is not only the perfect companion to MI Beneficials soil amendments, but they are harmless to your living soil organisms such as the ones we offer in our Biodiversity Pack.

  • Fast and Free Shipping

    There are free shipping options on orders of amendments, nutrients, natural inputs and other non-living goods over $35 to the lower 48!

  • Dedicated to Sustainability

    All of Earthcraft Biosystems' packaging for dry goods is completely compostable including stickers.