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Deluxe Living Soil Starter Kit (Bundle and Save)

Deluxe Living Soil Starter Kit (Bundle and Save)

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Our Deluxe Living Soil Immunity Starter Kit comes with these 8 amazing products for  a healthy, bountiful and successful organic garden.

Each Small Kit Comes With:

1. 1oz 200:1 Aloe Extract Powder ($21 value)

2. 1/2lb Horticultural Coconut Powder ($18 value)

3. 1lb Beneboost ($13 value)

4. 1/4lb Microbial Inoculant (Rhizocraft) ($35 value)

5. 4oz Liquid Quillaja and Yucca Extract (Regenerator) ($22 value)

6. 4oz Liquid Silica 24% (Siliceous) ($32.50 value)

7. 8oz Liquid Fulvic Acid 15% (Terrestrial) ($20 value)

8. 8oz Liquid Cal-Mag (Caliceous) ($17 Value)

Total Value: $178.50

Each Medium Kit Comes With:

1. 2oz 200:1 Aloe Extract Powder ($38 value)

2. 1lb Horticultural Coconut Powder ($30 value)

3. 2lb Beneboost ($26 value)

4. 1/2lb Microbial Inoculant (Rhizocraft) ($55 value)

5. 8oz Liquid Quillaja and Yucca Extract (Regenerator) ($32.50 value)

6. 4oz Liquid Silica 24% (Siliceous) ($32.50 value)

7. 1 pint Liquid Fulvic Acid 15% (Terrestrial) ($26 value)

8. 1 pint Liquid Cal-Mag (Caliceous) ($23.50 Value)

Total Value: $243.50

Each Large Kit Comes With:

1. 4oz 200:1 Aloe Extract Powder ($68 value)

2. 3lb Horticultural Coconut Powder ($80 value)

3. 3lb Beneboost ($25 value)

4. 1lb Microbial Inoculant (Rhizocraft) ($95 value)

5. 1 pint Liquid Quillaja and Yucca Extract (Regenerator) ($47.50 value)

6. 8oz Liquid Silica 24% (Siliceous) ($50 value)

7. 1qt Liquid Fulvic Acid 15% (Terrestrial) ($35 value)

8. 1qt oz Liquid Cal-Mag (Caliceous) ($35 Value)

Total Value: $437.50

Application Instructions


1 Teaspoon per Gallon of Water

Coconut Powder:

1 Teaspoon per gallon of Water


We recommend milling the product before use, we offer it both milled and whole, please specify at checkout.

Use once every 2-3 weeks and on top of any dry amendments as it will help accelerate nutrient breakdown and cycling.

As a top dress: Use 1/4 cup per sqft evenly spread across the top

Mixed into soil: 1.5 cups per cubic foot of soil

Sprouted Seed Tea: 1 cup per 5 gallons, aerate for 36-48 hours

In your worm bin: Use in place of your table scraps for one feeding per month.

Benefits of Beneboost

Great for Beneficial Soil Insects:

This product is a blend of all organic seeds, grains and oats specially formulated to provide complete nutrition to your beneficial insects, encourage reproduction and promote expansion and exploration within your containers, greenhouse or grow area.

Rove beetles and Hypoapsis miles are ferocious eaters and thrive in conditions where there is ample food supply, especially when there is not an active soil pest issue that you are targeting.

Great As A Soil Amendment

In addition to being great for your beneficial soil insects, it is
generally great for your soil. Our blend of sprouted barley, corn and lentil provide proteins and enzymes that promote vigorous plant growth.

Barley provides the enzymes phosphatase, chitinase, urease, and amylase which feed the microbes in your soil to improve nutrient uptake and cycling. These 4 enzymes provide high levels of chitinase which is a compound which improves plant immunity and imuno-responses to pathogens and diseases including powdery mildew.

The oats and wheat bran promote mycelium growth on and in your mulch layer as well which helps the soil food web cycle nutrients on the
surface layer, which is why we recommend using it as a the last step in your top dress. This will expedite bio-availibility of nutrients to your plants.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Contains a great source of salycylic acid, which aids plants in their systemic immuno-responses against pathogens. (referred to as System Acquired Resistance or SAR) With an SAR the plant has improved resistance to environmental stresses such as drought, cold, heat, excess humidity, heavy metal toxicity, and osmotic stress.

Contains lignins which minimizes stress and allows for easier nutrient and moisture uptake.

Has surfactant characteristics and is a source of saponins.

Reduces plant stress during transplant.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water

1. Increases nutrient availibility and enhances plant uptake. A study was conducted on mung beans and showed that both number of pods and yield were increased.

2. Contains cytokinin hormones which have been studied and shown to promote divison of cells which triggers plants to grow shoots and roots.
See this study.

3. Contains Gibberellic acid, which helps boost seed germination and increases the speed of root development. See this study.

4. Contains calcium, magnesium and other minerals which provide addtional nutrients and boost to growth.

5. Provides nutritional support to good organisms and bacteria which are vital in the development and growth of plants.

6. Reduces plant shock when transplanting.

7. Can be used as a rooting hormone.


All amendments should be stored in a cool, dry location.


Living soil bio-diversity packs are shipped in a vermicompost/coco mix which suits as an ideal habitat for shipping/storage.

All orders ship out as soon as possible. In order to ensure the
freshest bugs and microbial life available we do not keep rolling stock
of bugs, but we are able to fill most orders within 1-3 business days.
We will ship all orders as soon as possible, thus if you need a specific
shipment date or any special instructions, please specify in the
comment sections. We cannot be liable for bugs arriving too early for

For CA, WA and OR residents, we do require 2-day or overnight shipping service for all living insects.

Returns and Replacement

We cannot offer any returns on any beneficial insects.

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Don't Forget the Quillaja!

Did you know carry pure Quillaja liquid extract? It is 55% pure Quillaja and 45% pure Yucca with zero fillers or inert ingredients. This product is specifically extracted for horticultural use, which is why it is in it's liquid form, but it is also highly concentrated with saponins. We like to use .5ml per gallon for regular watering, but some like to see a bubble bath and for that effect we recommend 1ml per gallon. That means one 4oz bottle ($22) makes over 120 gallons (240gallons at .5ml rate).