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Fish Amino Acids (FAA)

Fish Amino Acids (FAA)

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The Fish Amino Acid (FAA) that we offer is made in Michigan using fish (and shellfish) intended to be food-service waste material. By using Salmon, Trout and Sea Bass carcasses along with Lobster and mussel shells we are able to offer a product that is as good for the earth as it is for your plants.

What is All Natural IPM Serum?

This FAA was produced following Korean Natural Farming practices and takes 6 months for the fermentation process to complete. We urge everyone to check out this amazing guide on how to make your own at home.

 Ingredients: Salmon, Trout, Seabass, shellfish, organic cane sugar, leaf mold, Oriental Herbal Nutrient (OHN)

 As with most natural farming products, this product has not been evaluated by the USDA, are for gardening purposes only, and not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease.


Benefits of FAA

1. Helps improve nutrient availability and uptake

2. Helps with water retention

3. Provides necessary Amino Acids and Proteins that plants need

4. Feeds and promotes more diverse microbial life in soil

Directions for Use

Application Rate:

Foliar: 8-16ml/gal (1:500 - 1:250) with non-chlorinated water. Apply during low light (dawn or dusk) to avoid leaf burn.

Root Drench: 4ml/gal (1:1000) with non-chlorinated water.


Store with cap on in a cool, dry area.


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Returns and Replacement

All amendments and nutrients are returnable within 14 business days, as long as the container is unopened and packaging is in the same condition as sent.

If your package is damaged during shipment, please document and send us pictures and notice to and we will make it right!

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