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Rove Beetles (Dalotia coriaria) - Fungus Gnat Control

Rove Beetles (Dalotia coriaria) - Fungus Gnat Control

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The Rove beetle (Dalotia coriaria) is a species of soil-dwelling beetles which feeds on fungus gnats, thrips, root aphids and some small mites. The larvae and adults are both aggressive eaters. The larvae are light brown to dark brown in appearance and are more worm-like, while the adults are 3-4 mm long and dark with a slender body and wings. The wings allow them to mobilize from container to container in a grow room and from area to area in an outdoor environment, to attack where pests are prevalent. These wings allow them to establish quickly in their introduced environment as well.

Life Stages:

The complete life cycle of rove beetles is 21 days. Eggs hatch in 3-4 days into larvae, which resemble translucent adults. During their reproductive stage, female rove beetles produce 6 to 8 eggs per day, for 14 days in pupal chambers are constructed out of silk. Each adult and larvae beetle consumes 10-20 prey per day.

Effective Against:

Effective control of fungus gnats and shoreflies. Will also eat soil stages of thrips as well as root aphids, root mealy bugs, moth flies, carrot flies and cabbage root flies.

Application Instructions

Application Recommendation:
Ideally, rove beetles are introduced before fungus gnat and pest populations become established or are in low numbers to allow them time
to establish population numbers for effective prevention. Rove beetles will still establish even if their is an established pest, it just may take extra time and a higher application rate of rove beetles.


Application Instructions:

For best results, clear a little hole through any mulch in the
release spot. Our rove beetles come packaged in an organic
vermiculite/coco coir blend along with a small amount of organic seed blended for food. We package them this way so they are able to sustain
during shipping and also so all gardeners, organic or non, can simply dump the contents of the package into their container or greenhouse. When distributing in different spots from the same insect container, gently agitate the container to bring beetles up to the top. Tip container slowly while tapping and allow beetles to fall out. If needed you can use your finger to push them, they will not bite. Repeat in each
location as necessary. You can also use a vertical walled plastic cup to dump each group into for counting prior to release.

After releasing, hold on watering for at least 24 hours to allow them to establish without any disruption.

Rove beetles are regenerative, thus they will not need to be
reintroduced again through the life of your soil. If you are using
No-Till, this means one application per container. Period. If you are using coco, rockwool or any other disposable growing media, re-application is necessary for each grow cylce.


We recommend introducing all living insects as soon as possible for optimal liveliness.


All Rove Beetles will be packaged in a vermiculite/coco blend for shipment.

For CA, WA and OR residents, we do require 2-day or overnight shipping service for all living insects.

Returns and Replacement

We cannot offer any returns on any beneficial insects.

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